Use technology to check tax evasion, find new sources: CM Yogi Adityanath

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Calling revenue theft a national loss, CM Yogi Adityanath advised government officials to use technology to check tax evasion. While reviewing the state’s tax and non-tax revenues in the first two quarters, Yogi said there was a need for increasing special disciplinary units and mobile enforcement units, which have shown success in curbing tax evasion.

UP collected Rs 92,000 crore in the first two quarters of this fiscal. This is a little over 35% of target revenue of Rs 2.62 lakh crore. He directed officials to make efforts to increase revenue flow.

‘All UP depts post better revenue in 1st 2 quarters’

Out of the total collection in the first two quarters, Rs 52,000 crore came from GST and VAT, Rs 20,000 crore as excise tax, Rs 13,000 crore from stamp and registration and more than Rs 4,700 crore from transport.

Calling the situation “satisfactory”, the CM said that all departments had posted better revenue in the first two quarters as compared to the same period previous year. “There is immense potential in UP. Manufacturing activities have also increased and the state should get its benefit. We should create new sources to increase revenue collection. Concrete efforts should be made to meet the revenue collection target of Rs 2.62 lakh crore in the current financial year,” the CM said.

The CM stressed on the need to increase vigilance and prevent GST evasion. He said that officials should have solid information before conducting raids. For this, he added, intelligence needed to be further im proved but any officer or employee found violating confidentiality of the enforcement proceedings would be punished strictly.

The department of excise has been directed to remain extremely vigilant against manufacture and sale of illicit liquor, especially in light of the upcoming festival season. The CM said that in the current situation, there was a possibility of illegal liquor manufacturing units becoming active again for which every district administration and every police station must be active and carry out continuous monitoring.

He also cautioned against overloading of vehicles engaged in mining work. Saying that this was against rules, the CM said that overloading led to accidents and that strict action must be taken against violators. He also said that there should be no unnecessary increase in prices of minerals like sand, mortar and ballast, which are of direct use to the common man. The CM said that if such malpractices were found to be taking place, then legal action should be taken against black marketeers who create artificial shortages.

“In the festive atmosphere, there is a possibility of those making and selling illegal liquor becoming active again,” the CM said, adding “Deal with such elements strictly. There should not be such activity in any district.”

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