“Think Big And Scale Up”: Piyush Goyal To Chartered Accountants

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Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal on Thursday called upon the Chartered accountants of the country to think big and scale up to the global levels. Speaking at 73rd Chartered Accountants’ Day programme organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), he said that we need a complete mindset change, a reset of ambitions in our profession. 

The companies should look at mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and larger ventures, and become world class, he added.

“When the ICAI turns 75, can we look at having our first set of global world class chartered accountancy firms serving clients worldwide,”  Mr Goyal said.

The Minister said that the institute must look at the world class ethics, technical know-off and stringent standards as it grows.

He said that if we have to earn the goodwill, respect and trust of the world, we will need 100% credibility ingrained in every single one of us.

He urged each and every CA and CA student, as part of their collective responsibility to maintain the flag of the institute high.

“We will do it, we can do it & we certainly are committed to doing it. For us to be a partner in the nation’s progress, we will all have to start seeing how we can be engaged in the startup ecosystem,” he said.

Lauding the profession of CAs, Mr Goyal said that it is great to see a profession which is recognised and respected.

“There is a yearning for people to be Chartered Accountants. It has taken it upon itself to continue to serve the economy, carry out our professional duties and continue to educate our students,” he added.

He said “To me, the I.C.A.I should reflect Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, and Intellect. We are amongst the top accounting bodies in the world. The world has seen in our institute high standards of ethics, technical know-how and very stringent examination standards.”

Source from: https://www.ndtv.com/jobs/ca-day-2021-think-big-and-scale-up-piyush-goyal-to-chartered-accountants-2477120