Chapter 01 Services provided to the United Nations or a specified international organization
Chapter 02 Health care services
Chapter 03 Veterinary clinic services
Chapter 04 Charitable activities
Chapter 05 Renting of precincts of a religious place or conduct of any religious ceremony
Chapter 06 Advocate or Arbitral Tribunals’ Services
Chapter 07 Technical testing or analysis of newly developed drugs
Chapter 08 Training or coaching in recreational activities
Chapter 09 Educational services
Chapter 10 Services provided to a recognised sports body
Chapter11 Sponsorship of tournaments or championships
Chapter 12 Construction Services – Services provided to the Government or local authority
Chapter 13 Specified Construction services
Chapter 14 Construction Services – Original works – Others
Chapter 15 Copyright
Chapter 16 Services by a performing artist in folk or classical art forms
Chapter 17 Services by way of collecting or providing news
Chapter 18 Renting of a hotel, inn, guest house, club, campsite or other commercial places
Chapter 19 Serving of food or beverages by a restaurant, eating joint or a mess
Chapter 20 Transportation of goods by rail or a vessel
Chapter 21 Goods transport agency
Chapter 22 Renting of Motor Vehicle for transportation of passengers and goods
Chapter 23 Transport of passengers
Chapter 24 Motor vehicle parking to general public
Chapter 25 Services provided in relation to pubic services
Chapter 26 General insurance business
Chapter 27 Services provided by an incubatee
Chapter 28 Service by an club/association/society to own members
Chapter 29 Services by the intermediaries
Chapter 30 Job Work
Chapter 31 Services by an organiser in respect of a business exhibition outside India
Chapter 32 Public telephone services
Chapter 33 Slaughtering of bovine animals
Chapter 34 Services provided by person located in a non- taxable territory
Chapter 35 Public Libraries
Chapter 36 Services by Employees’ State Insurance Corporation
Chapter 37 Services by way of Transfer of a going concern
Chapter 38 Services by way of public conveniences
Chapter 39 Municipal services