PM Modi : Selling goods, services directly to GoI will benefit MSMEs

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can be benefited by selling their goods and services directly to the Government of India on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) platform. Addressing the annual 95th plenary session of the industry body Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Modi said that “GeM has given the opportunity to earn profit by connecting with the government.”

He also urged the industry to invest in R&D and manufacturing of better Batteries to increase the power storage capacity of the Solar Panel in the country. He also called for handholding of MSMEs, of such institutions, who are engaged in this work. Earlier, unless you had a particular turnover size, production capacity and brand, you couldn’t think of selling goods directly to the government but now you can and your goods can reach even to the Prime Minister, Modi said.

Modi also urged ICC to encourage its members including manufacturers to join the GeM portal with the product quality that even the government cannot say no to them. “If ICC members join GeM then even small businesses would be able to sell directly to the government”, he added. While speaking on self-reliance, Modi said, ”When we buy something from our local traders, we don’t only encourage India’s self-reliance, we value the labour as well.”

He further said that the country now needs to manufacture products which are ‘’Made in India” but are” Made for the World”. “Now it is time to make each village, district of the country self-reliant.” he said and called for pulling the Indian economy out of ‘command and control’ mode and taking it towards ‘plug and play’ mode. He also said it is time for bold decisions & bold investments, to prepare a globally competitive domestic supply chain and not for conservative approaches.

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