Transaction advisory services:

  • Tax implications on business transactions.
    • Applicability of various Indirect Taxes and GST.
    • Eligibility to Exemptions/ Deductions/ Abatements
    • Classification & Valuation related issues, etc.
  • Cross-border transactions of Goods & Services
  • Business Model & Procedural aspects
  • Eligibility & Extent of Cenvat Credit availability on Inputs, Input Services, and Capital Goods.

Diagnostics Reviews & Health Checks:

  • Effectiveness of Tax Compliances & Reporting processes.
  • Identifying potential Risks and Opportunities
  • Exploring options to mitigate the risk.
  • Improvements in Internal Controls, Records and Documentation.
  • Design a Tax framework consisting of Tax Policies, Internal Controls, Responsibility Matrix & MIS Reports.
  • Consistency in implementations of Tax Policies across business divisions/ verticals

Litigation & Representation Services:

  • Representation before Adjudication & Appellate Authorities and other Courts of Law.
  • Assistance in investigations by Revenue Intelligence Authorities
  • Advice on potential liability arising out of disputed transactions.
  • Drafting reply to Letters/ Notices received from the Department.
  • Representation in Provisional Assessment/ SVB Proceedings, etc.
  • Representing the Company before the Ministry(ies)/ Board(s) for any Indirect Taxation matters.

Audit Defense:

  • Consistency of Tax positions across various business divisions/verticals.
  • Improve level of Compliances & Preparedness to face Audit/ Assessment by Tax Authorities
  • Appearance before the Departmental Audit team.
  • Standardized formation of Audit Approach & Processes.
  • Review & Reporting of deficiencies.
  • Corrective Measures and Processes.

Retainership & Compliance Support:

  • We provide Retainership Services in respect of all Indirect Taxation including GST & Compliance related matters to various entities from Firms to Limited Companies.
  • Prevention is better than cure. We assist our Clients with on-call advisory Services so as to ensure correct practices followed at first stance. The best way of reduction of costs is to ensure proper Compliance of laws in day to day workings.
  • MIS on various Compliances which facilitate reporting for Corporate Governance & better Control/ Check
  • Status report of progress in Assessments and Appeals
  • Improvised Process Configuration
  • Costs effectiveness by regular Compliances
  • Train the Trainers
  • Assess gaps/ Identify flaws in the systems and processes
  • Preparation of customized Compliance manuals on all Indirect Taxes
  • Updating clients through Newsletter, Articles and Instant SMS & Phone calls


  • Accounting & Financial Services
  • Inbound & Outbound Investment – Automatic & Approval route
  • ECB & compliances
  • Issuance of Shares/ Debentures to Overseas Parties
  • Royalty, Technical Fees, Technical Know-how
  • Compliances under the FEMA Act
  • Representation before Authorised Dealer/ RBI
  • Adjudication & Appeals