Only 48 Hours are LEFT to Support and Vote Mr. Bimal Jain as Best Facilitator and intermediary by TIOL Awards

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‼️ ONLY 48 HOURS LEFT !! Kindly Vote & Support as much as you can !!

🤝Let’s Vote & Support Mr. ‘Bimal Jain’ and make him the Best ‘Facilitator and intermediary’ by TIOL Awards 2022.

For his contribution in GST for the Tax Professionals and Members of Trade & Industry.

🗳️ Who and How to vote Mr. Bimal Jain with the few simple steps:

  1. Anyone can Vote for Mr. Bimal Jain
  2. Click the Link:
  3. Go to ‘Facilitators & Intermediaries’ (3rd No.)
  4. Click on Mr. ‘Bimal Jain’ Name (8th No.)
  5. Scroll Down 📜⬇ & Fill Support Info: Name, Mobile No., E-mail, Password, Captcha.
  6. Click on the Submit Button

If you have already voted kindly share this message with all your Professional Friends, Colleagues and Other Connects.

🙏 Thanking you for your Vote and Support. 🙏

Team Bimal Jain
For Assistance:
Please call:
Rohit Tripathi: +918076563802

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