NIC has issued an FAQ on Verification of Vehicle Number in EWB Portal

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The NIC has issued a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on Verification of Vehicle Number in the E-Way Bill (EWB) portal. The following are the list of Important questions which are discussed as hereunder:-

1. What is the verification of vehicle number in EWB Portal?

Ans: E-Way bill has been integrated with the Vahan System of Transport Department. The vehicle number entered in the e-way bill will now be verified with the Vahan System. If Vehicle no. is not available in the Vahan system user will get ‘Alert Message’ about the non-availability of vehicle number in the Vahan database. However, later, such vehicle numbers will not be allowed for the generation of the e-way bill.

2. Why am I getting an alert message when I enter vehicle number in E-way Bill?

Ans: The vehicle number entered in the EWB is not available in Vahan Database, you are requested to check and update the vehicle registration with your concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO), otherwise after sometime this vehicle number will not be allowed for e-way bill generation.

3. How do I check my vehicle number is available in the Vahan system?

Ans: Vahan System provides a nationwide search over the digitized data of Registered Vehicles. You can always check your vehicle number in the Vahan system below;

4. Details of my Vehicle number are shown on the Vahan website, however, in the e-way bill portal, it shows not available. What should I do?

Ans: You can contact the E-way bill Helpdesk and submit your grievance. Specify the Vehicle number which is there in the Vahan system but not available in the e-way bill portal.

The Complete FAQ can be accessed at: