New Guidelines for Export obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) prescribed by DGFT where Advance Authorizations are issued on net-to-net basis

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DGFT provides guidelines w.r.t. accountability of inputs for purpose of obtaining EODC where Advance Authorisations are issued on net to net basis of parts / components, in terms of SL. No. 4 of General Notes for Engineering Products and SL. No. 6 of General Notes for All Export Products Groups.

Accordingly, in order to improve ease of doing business and to facilitate issuance of EODC, DGFT states that:-

(a) exporter should invariably declare input quantities used in the export product in relevant part of shipping bill.

(b) Authorisation holder shall submit an accountability statement showing description and quantity of exported products and inputs contained therein in prescribed format, and

(c) a certificate from independent Chartered Engineer certifying that all inputs have been used in resultant product, thereby certifying the quantity exported and item wise input quantity consumed; Also clarifies that said guidelines shall apply to Advance Authorisations where EODC are pending irrespective of policy period.

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