Nashik: Female GST Officer Arrested by Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for Accepting a Bribe

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A female GST officer was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for accepting a bribe of Rs 4000 on Wednesday.

ACB sources reveal that Snehal Thakur (52), a corrupt female GST officer, resides near Ashwin Hotel and Ashwin Sankul Row House in Nashik.

The complainant had applied to the office of the Business Tax Officer on September 13 to cancel the business tax of his company, Kalpdeep Industrial Security Services, which had been closed for two years.

Snehal Thakur, a public servant, demanded a bribe of Rs 5,000 from the complainant before the Panchayat as compensation for canceling the said business tax.

The complainant agreed to pay 4000 rupees after a compromise, and after contacting the Anti-Corruption Department, she filed a complaint against Snehal Thakur.

After this, the complainant contacted the Anti-Corruption Department and lodged a complaint against Snehal Thakur.

After investigating the complaint, a team of the Anti-Corruption Department laid a trap at the Business Tax Office.

At this time, Thakur was arrested red-handed by the anti-corruption department team while accepting a bribe of Rs 4000 from the complainant.

Meanwhile, this action was taken by Deputy Superintendent Vishwajit Jadhav, Havaldar Prakash Dongre, Pranay Ingle, Shital Suryavanshi, and other employees of the AntiCorruption Department.

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