Implementation of Electronic Cargo Tracking System for sealing and monitoring of goods at Tughlakabad ICD


The Office of the Principal Commissioner of Customs (Import) Tughlakabad, New Delhi issued Public Notice No. 31/2021 dated October 13, 2021 w.r.t application of Electronic Cargo Tracking System (“ECTS”) for sealing and monitoring of goods to be deposited in Customs Bonded Warehouses under Chapter IX of the Customs Act, 1962.

Attention of Importers, Customs Brokers, Warehouse licensees, members of trade and all other stakeholders is invited to the Warehouse (Custody & Handling of Goods) Regulations, 2016, the Special Warehouse (Custody & Handling of Goods) Regulations, 2016, Warehoused Goods (Removal) Regulations 2016, Manufacture and Other Operations in Warehouse (no. 2) Amendment Regulations, 2020, Manufacture and Other Operations in Special Warehouse Regulations, 2020 and circular 17/2016-Cus which prescribe the affixation of a one-time-lock for transport of goods to be deposited in a warehouse or removed there from.

Circular 17/2016-Cus dated May 14, 2016 read with the regulations specifically prescribes that in case of removal of goods from a customs station for deposit into a warehouse, or moving from one bonded warehouse to another, the container or means of transport (closed trucks) should be affixed with a one-time-lock by the proper officer at the customs station and its serial number be endorsed upon the bill of entry for warehousing, transport document or the Form for movement of goods, as the case may be. The warehouse keeper is required to inspect the seal and when it is found intact, permit the goods to be unloaded at the warehouse.

A need has been felt to improve the present procedure since at present the process is completely manual and the seals are not capable of being continuously monitored, which leads to delays in the reconciliation of receipt of goods and closure of bonds.

Accordingly, a pilot project is envisaged by using Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) which consists of GPS-enabled high security seals and a blockchain technology based online module that seeks to address the above issues and bring in more efficiency, visibility, and monitoring capability. ECTS allows monitoring of movement of containers/vehicles on real-time basis and provide immediate alerts, in case of any violations so that immediate action can be initiated.

Initially, the Pilot project is envisaged to roll out for movement of the following goods from ICD, Tughlakabad to the designated Customs Bonded Warehouse situated within Delhi, where bill of entry for warehousing has been filed under section 59 of the Customs Act, 1962:-

Tariff Heading/Item

Description of Goods

2203 00 00

Beer Made From Malt

Wine Of Fresh Grapes, Including Fortified Wines;


Vermouth And Other Wine of Fresh Grapes Flavoured with Plants Or Aromatic Substances

2206 00 00

Other Fermented Beverages


Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol. Or higher; ethyl alcohol and other spirits, denatured, of any strength


Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80% vol.; spirit, liqueurs and other spiritnous beverages

The ECTS shall be procured by the Destination warehouse where the above-mentioned goods will be stored after clearance from the ICD, Tughlakabad or by the importer at their own cost. Presently, ECTS services will be provided by M/s Transecur Telematics Private Limited. The importers and warehouses dealing with the above goods will get registered on the portal ( of M/s Transecur Telematics Private Limited.

Once ‘Out of charge’ is granted for the imported consignments, the details of the importer, destination warehouse, type of vehicle, vehicle number, container number and ECTS seal number will be furnished by the importer or his authorized representative along with the uploading of the copy of out of charge on the above mentioned portal at point no. 6. The relevant details shall be validated by the customs officer at ICD, Tughlakabad. Then, the seal will be affixed by the customs officer and vehicle will be allowed to move to the destination warehouse.

At the destination (bonded warehouse), the warehouse keeper will check whether the ECTS seal is intact and unseal the same. The details of seal number, date and time of movement from the source location, the date and time of entry in the destination location and the unsealing will be captured by the portal. A trip report will be generated thereafter, which can be seen by the customs officers, and by the stakeholders involved. The trip report will serve as the proof of receipt of the goods. In case the ECTS seal is found to be tampered, customs will initiate investigative action, based on the alert generated.

The ECTS seal shall be mandatory for movement of the above-mentioned goods from the LCD, Tughlakabad to bonded warehouses within Delhi, with effect from afternoon of October 14, 2021. However, in cases of extraordinary circumstances, the importer/Customs Broker may request in writing for the existing one-time seal for the concerned consignment and the same would be permitted with the approval of the Additional/Joint Commissioner in-charge of Import Shed.

All trade associations/members of Customs Brokers Association are requested to take note and publicize the contents of this Public Notice among their members/constituents.

For departmental officers, this may be treated as Standing Order.

Difficulty, if any, may be brought to the notice of the Joint Commissioner of Customs (Import), ICD, TKD, New Delhi, email id

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