Haryana Excise Policy for the year 2022-23

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The Excise Policies of the State have successfully achieved and strengthened the long term objectives of breaking the cartels, broad-basing the trade by facilitating the entry of new players of even modest means, simplifying/unifying the structure of wholesale supply of liquor by giving wholesale licenses to retail licensees, establishing a transparent system of allotment of retail outlets, complete check on manufacturing/sale of spurious liquor, thwarting all attempts of evasion of excise levies, plugging the leakage/pilferage, optimization of revenue, creating ambience for legitimate and responsible drinking and providing good quality liquor at reasonable price to those who drink.

Maximization of Government Revenue to generate resources that can be utilized to finance developmental projects is always accorded a high priority on the agenda by the policy planners. However when it comes to framing a policy such as Excise Policy, social considerations and ramifications also assume paramount significance. An ideal Excise Policy, therefore, not only has to strike a delicate balance between the twin objectives of preventing dominance of liquor mafia or social degeneration on the one hand and securing an optimum revenue for the Government on the other, but also has to address the concerns of all the four key stakeholders i.e. the Government, the Manufacturers, the Licensees and most important of all the Consumer.

While preparing Excise Policy, 2022-23, the cut-throat competition thrown by neighbours has been borne in mind. Besides, several changes are being introduced with a view to delegate, to ensure Ease of Doing Business and increase transparency.

For the detailed provisions of the Excise Policy for the year 2022-23 Click Here

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