Govt considering compulsory registration for paper imports

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The government is considering making it mandatory for paper importers to register themselves before importing the commodity, a move aimed at keeping a tab on imports of the product, an official said. The consideration is on the lines of steel sector, where the government has made it mandatory for traders to register themselves with Steel Import Monitoring System to import 215 iron and steel products. “We are working similar arrangement for paper industry also. Importer will have to give specific information about the product before importing,” an official said. 

Under the system, which is under consideration, a paper importer could have to submit advance information in an online system for imports of these items, and obtain an automatic registration number by paying specified amount of fee. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade, under the Commerce Ministry, is looking at the matter. India imports different types of papers, including coated paper, paper boards, hand made papers, waste paper. The paper industry has time and again expressed concerns about cheap imports and surge in inbound shipments. “This has a significant negative impact on coated paper manufacturing industry,” the official said.

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