Format of Working Papers furnished by GST Officer & Auditor for GST Audit

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The CBIC has issued GST Audit Manual 2019 after approval by the BoardThe Board vide its letter F. No. 221/03/2013 – CX-6 dated August 30, 2018 requested to Directorate General to prepare a manual on Audit in GST for the consideration of the Board. The said GST Audit Manual 2019 contains working Papers for GST Audit by GST Officer & Auditor in GSTAM – Annexure VIII.

Following are the gist of the data furnishing in working paper by the GST officer here under:- 

I. Details of audit

II. Nature of business operation of the taxable person

Part –A: Supply of Goods :-

III. Desk review and audit plan: Procedure/ format separate for goods and services

IV. Audit verification at the unit

V. Verification as per audit plan

VII. Post verification

Part-B: Supply of Services :-

I. Records examined

II. Ratio analysis

III. Trend analysis

IV. Input tax credit (“ITC”) analysis

V. Annual turnover vis-a-vis GST paid

VI. Annual expenditure (in Indian rupees) vis-a-vis GST paid under reverse charge

VII. Annual expenditure of foreign currency vis-a-vis GST paid underse reverse charge

VIII. Brief details of service wise exports (zero-rated), turnover of non-taxable services and exempted services for the last three years

IX. Brief details of service wise pure agent benefit claimed for the last three years

X. In case the unit is registered as ISD, give the details of ITC availed and distributed

XI. Analysis of data of GST returns filed

XII. Risk loss analysis

XIII. Audit plan

XIV. Conduct of audit

Detailed Working Papers can be accessed at: