Deputy DRI or Assistant DRI to act as the proper officer under the Customs


The CBIC vide Notification No. 61/2022-Customs (N.T.) dated July 13, 2022 has issued amendments in its earlier issued Notification No. 26/2022-Customs (N.T) dated March 31, 2022 (“NN. 26/2022 (Customs)”) which assigned certain officers, in relation to the various functions under the Customs Act, 1962 (“the Customs Act”), in a following manner:

  • New SI. No. 4A has been inserted in NN. 26/2022 (Customs), so as to introduce the Deputy Director of Revenue Intelligence or Assistant Director of Revenue Intelligence as the proper officer under Section 109A (i.e. Power to undertake controlled delivery of any consignment of goods)

The Notification can be accessed at:

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