Regulation 18 – Maintenance and inspection of accounts – Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004

Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004

18. Maintenance and inspection of accounts. — (1) A Customs House Agent required to maintain accounts under these regulations shall maintain such accounts :

(a) in an orderly and itemised manner and keep them current; and

(b) reflect all financial transactions as Customs House Agent.

(2) A Customs House Agent shall keep and maintain on file a copy of each of the documents, such as bill of entry, shipping bill, transhipment application, etc. and copies of all his correspondence and other papers relating to his business as Customs House Agent.

(3) All records and accounts that are required to be maintained under these regulations shall be preserved for at least five years and shall be made available at any time for inspection of officers authorised to inspect such records and accounts.