Regulation 01 Short title and commencement
Regulation 02 Definitions
Regulation 03 Customs House Agents to be licensed
Regulation 04 Invitation of application
Regulation 05 Application for licence
Regulation 06 Conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant
Regulation 07 Scrutiny of application for licence
Regulation 08 Examination of the applicant
Regulation 09 Grant of licence
Regulation 10 Execution of bond and furnishing of security
Regulation 11 Period of validity of a licence
Regulation 12 Licence not transferable
Regulation 13 Obligations of Customs House Agent
Regulation 14 Change in directors of company, etc
Regulation 15 Change in constitution of any firm or a company
Regulation 16 Change in the constitution of a concern
Regulation 17 Engagement of persons qualified in the examination referred to in regulation 8, etc
Regulation 18 Maintenance and inspection of accounts
Regulation 19 Employment of persons
Regulation 20 Suspension or revocation of licence
Regulation 21 Prohibition
Regulation 22 Procedure for suspending or revoking licence under Regulation 20
Regulation 23 Grant of licence no right to accommodation
Regulation 24 Membership of associations
Form A FORM – A [See Regulation 5(1)]
Form B FORM – B [see regulation 8]
Form C FORM – C [see regulation 9(2)]
Form D FORM – D [see regulation 10] Bond
Form E FORM – E [see regulation 10] Surety Bond
Form F FORM – F [see regulation 8 and 19(6)(i)]
Form G FORM – G [see regulation 19(6)(ii)] Photo Identity Card
Form H FORM – H [see regulation 19(6)(iii)]