Customs (Appeals) Rules, 1982



8A. Form of revision application to the Central Government. – 1. (1) A revision application under sub-section (1) of section 129DD to the Central Government shall be in Form No. C.A.-8.

(2) The grounds of revision application and the form of verification, as contained in Form C.A.-8, shall be signed by the person specified in sub-rule (2) of rule 3.

2. Where the revision application is signed by the authorised representative of the applicant, the document authorising such representative to sign and appear on behalf of the applicant shall be appended to such revision application.

3. The revision application in Form No. C.A.-8 shall be filed in duplicate and shall be accompanied by an equal number of copies of the following documents, namely :-

(i) order passed by the [Commissioner] of Customs (Appeals) under section 128A; and

(ii) decision or order passed by the Customs Officer which was the subject-matter of the order referred to in clause (i).