No. Title
Chapter 01 Introductory
Chapter 02 Arrival of Goods and Procedures Prior to Lodgement of Goods Declaration
Chapter 03 Procedure for Clearance of Imported and Export Goods
Chapter 04 System of classification of Goods
Chapter 05 Special Classification Schemes for Imported Goods; for a Project, Baggage and Postal Articles
Chapter 06 Customs Valuation
Chapter 07 Provisional Assessment
Chapter 08 Import / Export Restrictions / Prohibitions under Customs law
Chapter 09 Customs Clearance Procedure for Food Items, Livestock Products, Plant and Plant Materials.
Chapter 10 Warehousing
Chapter 11 Transhipment of Cargo
Chapter 12 Consolidation of Cargo
Chapter 13 Merchant Overtime Fee
Chapter 14 Procedure for Less Charge Demand
Chapter 15 Refunds
Chapter 16 Detention of Imported & Export Cargo and Release/Storage Options in Disputed Cases
Chapter 17 Import and Export through Courier
Chapter 18 Clearance by Post
Chapter 19 Import of samples
Chapter 20 Re-Importation/Re-Exportation of Goods
Chapter 21 Disposal of Unclaimed/Uncleared Cargo
Chapter 22A Export Promotion Schemes
Chapter 22B Export Oriented Unit Scheme
Chapter 22C Export Processing Zone (EPZ) scheme
Chapter 22D STP/EHTP Scheme
Chapter 22E Special Economic Zone Scheme
Chapter 23 Setting up of ICDs/CFSs
Chapter 24 Passenger Clearance System – Facilitation-cum-Enforcement
Chapter 25 Offences & Penal Provisions
Chapter 26 Appeal and Review/Settlement of cases
Chapter 27 System of Grievance Redressal in the field formations of Customs