CBIC issued Instructions on Requirement of EPR registration certificate for import of battery as well as equipment containing battery


The CBIC has issued Instruction No. 17/2023 dated May 24, 2023 regarding the requirement of an EPR registration certificate for the import of battery as well as equipment containing battery.

Reference is invited to letter No. CP-10730/30/BWMR/WMD-1/2022/7430 dated December 23, 2022 and CP-9772/BWMR/WMD-1/2022/754 dated 01.05.2023 received from the Central Pollution control Board (CPCB), M/o Environment, Forests & Climate Change, New Delhi on the subject mentioned above (copies enclosed).

Vide this letter CPCB has drawn attention to Battery Waste Management (BWM) Rules, 2022 issued on August 22, 2022 (copy enclosed) in supersession to the earlier Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001. Since the rules are applicable to the importers who are involved in import of all types of Battery regardless of chemistry, shape, volume, weight, material composition and use, all the producers including importers (with few exceptions) are required to get the registration from CPCB through online portal in accordance with BWM Rules, 2022.

Further, CPCB has informed that, since March 17, 2023, the online portal of CPCB (www.eprbatterycpcb.in) is functional for grant of Registration to Producers under BWM Rules, 2022. Accordingly, CPCB has requested to verify the online-generated EPR registration certificate at the time of clearing the consignment of importers of batteries as well as equipment containing batteries. For ease, List of Producers to whom Registration are issued under BWM Rules, 2022 can be viewed on http://www.eprbatterycpcb.in/viewunitcertificates.

Accordingly, it is requested that necessary action may be taken to sensitize officers and Trade under your jurisdiction to ensure verification of the registration certificate issued by CPCB at the time of clearing the consignment of importers of batteries.

The Instruction along with the annexures can be accessed at: https://taxinformation.cbic.gov.in/view-pdf/1000476/ENG/Instructions

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