CBIC issued Instructions on E-waste (Management) Rules 2022, regarding the release of imported consignments of producers of 85 EEEs items


The CBIC has issued Instruction No. 16/2023 dated May 24, 2023 on E-waste (Management) Rules 2022, regarding the release of imported consignments of producers of 85 EEEs items (ITEW 17 to ITEW 27, CEEW 6 to CEEW 19, LSEEW 1 to LSEEW 34, EETW 1 to EETW 8, TLSEW 1 to TLSEW6, MDW 1 to MDW 10 and LIW1 to LIW 2).

Reference is invited to the Board Instruction No. 1/2023-Customs dated January 07, 2023 with respect to the compliance required under E-Waste Management Rules, 2022 w.e.f. April 01, 2023 and related letters from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) vide File No. CP-22/25/2023-WM-III-HO-CPCB-HO dated April 13, 2023 and May 09, 2023 (copies enclosed).

Vide above-said letters, CPCB has informed of certain difficulties faced by producers (which includes importers) in registering on CPCB’s EPR Portal (which is under up-gradation).

Hence, as an interim arrangement till June 30, 2023, CPCB has requested that Customs authorities release the import consignments of above said 85 EEE items (as given in schedule to E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022), on submission of undertaking in the prescribed format (enclosed in letter dt. April 13, 2023) as follows:

a. to submit the copy of online EPR Registration Certificate latest by June 30, 2023.

b. that copy of the undertaking has already been mailed to CPCB’s email-id (ewaste2.cpcb@gov.in) from the company authorised email id.

Further, CPCB has requested that the import consignments of producers of 21 EEEs item (ITEW1 to ITEW16 & CEEW1 to CEEW5) whose Extended Producers Responsibility Authorization (EPRA) issued under the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 has expired may be released if they submit an acknowledgement from the CPCB’s EPR Portal that they have applied at the EPR Portal along with the copy of the EPRA whose validity is over. These arrangements should also be continued till June 30, 2023.

It is requested that concerned officers and Trade under your jurisdiction may be sensitized on the above communication and take appropriate action.

The Instruction along with the annexures can be accessed at: https://taxinformation.cbic.gov.in/view-pdf/1000475/ENG/Instructions

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