CBIC issued Circular regarding the amendments to RoSCTL Scheme


The CBIC has issued Circular No. 22/2022-Customs dated September 26, 2022 regarding the amendments to the Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies (“RoSCTL”) Scheme.

The undersigned is directed to say that the RoSCTL scheme notification No. 77/2021- Customs (N.T.) dated September 24, 2021 has been amended vide notification No. 76/2022 – Customs (N.T.) dated September 14, 2022 whereby the para 4(2), para 5(5) and the words “or the transferee” in para 6 of the principal notification have been deleted. The effect of these amendments is the deletion of certain conditions related to transferee-holder of the scrip.

Further, the Electronic Duty Credit Ledger Regulations, 2021 issued vide notification No. 75/2021-Customs (N.T.) dated September 23, 2021 have been amended vide notification No. 79/2022 – Customs (N.T.) dated September 15, 2022. In Regulations 6(2) and 7(3) of the principal regulations, the words “two years” have been substituted for the words “one year”. The effect of these amendments is that the validity period of scrips is increased from one year to two years from the date of their generation.

It is requested to issue suitable public notice and standing order in this regard.

The Circular can be accessed at: https://taxinformation.cbic.gov.in/view-pdf/1003128/ENG/Circulars

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