CBIC announces exclusive Customs Duty Payments on New ICEGATE Portal from January 14, 2024

Categories: CBIC, Important News

As of January 14, 2024, the CBIC has implemented changes on the official ICEGATE website. Customs Duty and other payments can now be processed exclusively on https://www.icegate.gov.in/, with the discontinuation of these services on the older platform, https://old.icegate.gov.in/. Notably, modifications have been made solely to the E-payment User Interface, prompting the issuance of a new advisory. This update aims to provide users with clear step-by-step guidance for duty payments and other functionalities on the redesigned e-payment portal at the specified new website.

The Advisory can be accessed at: https://www.a2ztaxcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/ECL-Advisory-13-JAN-2024.pdf