Bihar expects government to table Union Budget 2020-21 keeping GST, unemployment, tax rate cut in mind

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With the Union Budget 2020-21 to be tabled by Union Finance Minister Sitharaman on February 1, people of every class across the country have expectations. In Bihar, the people travelling by bus from Patna to the corners of the state, have asserted that the budget should be prepared, keeping in mind the common man.

According to them, this government’s budget should provide relief to the common people and the tax rate should be reduced with respect to items of need. Speaking ahead of the Budget, the women in the state said that the government will have to take care of women in this budget. Every year its is the women who have the highest expectations from the budget tabled. Due to the high inflation, essential items as well as household goods should be made cheaper, added the women.

Several people have expressed that the common people should get relief from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). According to them, due to GST, the industry is not able to move forward. Concrete steps should be taken to give relief to the traders and the government should take steps to make goods cheaper. Housewives too have expectations from this budget. According to the people, the budget should be tabled keeping unemployment in mind. They said that unemployment has increased and the government should make policy. The government should make some policies so that the students can get a good education.

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