20 bookies of Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) in dock over GST evasion

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As many as 20 teams of Commercial Tax Department conducted raids at several locations, in connection with 20 Bangalore Turf Club bookies here, said Nitesh Patel, Additional Commissioner, Enforcement. Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) has given licenses to bookies. For every race, they need to give fees to the BTC. Talking to reporters, Patel said: “We have not found any irregularity and violation by the BTC. We have received a complaint against the bookies alleging that they have evaded GST.”

“Yesterday, we summoned them but none of them appeared before. We have conducted a GST inspection against 20 BTC bookies. They didn’t show GST invoices.” Patel said that to have seized the bookies’ diaries and accounts books and would verify all their accounts. “We have also seized some cash and we will hand over the cash to the Income Tax Department. The probe will continue,” added Patel.

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