Two Sirmaur businessmen held for GST fraud

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The Himachal Pradesh excise and taxation department has arrested two industrialists based in Kala Amb area of Sirmaur district for committing Rs 15-crore GST fraud. These industrialists allegedly showed business of Rs 150 crore through fake bills and fake companies. A team of excise and taxation department, South Enforcement Zone, Parwanoo, made the arrests. The industrialists would be presented before the court on Tuesday

Sources said the businessmen had shown a purchase of raw materials worth crores from Delhi-based traders. The department had sent summons to those traders from Delhi, but the summons were returned undelivered with remarks that addresses were incomplete. During the course of investigation, officials found that three such traders shown in the bills actually did not exist, while wrong address was given in two other place. In one address, the actual owner was found to be a taxi driver.

In second address, the owner was found to be working as a helper in a dairy while in third address, the owner was working in a factory. Against these addresses (shown as firms), sale of around Rs 60 crore was shown in two months. Many vehicles shown to have transported the goods from Delhi to Kala Amb were cars and scooters in actual.

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