Traders write to CM over corruption in GST Department

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The All-Industries and Trade Forum (AITF) appreciated the efforts of the state government towards checking corruption in the GST Department.

In the past few days, several officers have been detained or arrested by the Vigilance Department. In a letter written to the Chief Minister, Badish Jindal, president, FOPSIA and AITF, said they were the frontline trade organisations to highlight corruption and voiced concerns at all levels against the practice.

He said Punjab had become a den of corruption regarding the GST and several culprits were still untouched by the government. “The AITF has the data of several GST officers involved in corruption. Earlier, the same officers were involved in corruption in the excise and taxation wing,” he said.

“The intrastate and interstate passing of unbilled material is not new in Punjab. Several of those involved in illegal practices are living in Ludhiana, Gobindgarh, Jalandhar and other major cities of Punjab,” he said.

“We have submitted their names to the government several times, but no action was taken. In 2018, a few raids were conducted from where a lot of illegal paper documents were found, but no action was taken against those companies for the vested interests of officers. Many a time, it was brought to the notice of officials that many traders and exporters were involved in multibillion GST scam, but to no avail,” said Jindal.

“Information sought under the RTI Act also revealed about officers, who were facing the enquiries of corruption, but most of them were given top posts in the department,” he said. Jindal said stern action should be taken against corrupt officials so that the government gets its due revenue.

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