The GST bill is like a cricket match that India needs to win

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Imagine a nail-biting cricket match. The two Indian batsmen on the crease have to score a few runs to ensure victory. Only a few balls remain. However, the two batsmen are competitive and don’t like each other much. They don’t want the other player to get the winning shot. As a result, whenever either batsman at the striker’s end wants to run between the wickets, his runner doesn’t co-operate and stays put. Soon, the balls run out. Guess what happens? Yes, India loses.

The above example tells you what is happening with the GST (Goods and Services Tax) bill. The two batsmen are the BJP and the Congress. At pre sent, the BJP is in power, and the Congress is doing its best to prevent the GST Bill from being passed in the Rajya Sabha. However, when the Congress was in power, the BJP stalled Parliament. In fact, GST introduction was mooted in Parliament in 2007. Another version of the GST bill was circulated in 2011. It didn’t pass, and ultimately lapsed as the Congress-led government dissolved. Now, it’s the BJP’s turn in power, and they have their own version of the bill. Congress and its supporters thus feel that stalling it isn’t ethically wrong, it is just quid pro quo. In this internal war of the two batsmen, India is going to lose.

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