Tax Evasion: GST theft of 02 crore caught

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The STF team of the state tax department has raided five places in Dehradun for two days and caught tax evasion of two crore. The team found that many firms were reeling from business tax revenue on canceled GST registrations. In addition, wrong ITC claims have also come on hold in 34 firms on the purchase of vehicles. Yashpal Singh, deputy commissioner (STF) of the state tax department, said the STF team investigated catering, advertising and event management firms.

At the same time vehicle purchases of several firms were also investigated. He said that there were constant complaints that the firms were getting the ITC claim by purchasing the vehicle. In a two-day-long operation, the team examined firms operating the cantering, advertising agency and event management located at Nehru Colony, Nathanpur, Garhi Cantt, Kaulagarh and Rajpur Road. 

Tax will have to be fined along with 

the instructions of Tax Commissioner Saujanya led by Additional Commissioner Rajesh Tandon In the action of Rs 15 crore, tax evasion of about Rs 2 crore has been revealed. In this, business was being done by showing the canceled GST registration number. In these cases, along with the tax, a penalty equal to the tax will have to be paid, the process of which has been started by the State Tax Department.

Tax evasion

deputy commissioner in the purchase of vehicles,  STF Yashpal Singh said that the tax paid on the purchase of vehicles is availed only under special circumstances, but many were found to be taking advantage of this notwithstanding the scope of this benefit. Along with depositing the claimed tax, they will also have to pay the fine. 

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