Tax evaders are no longer good in Delhi, Kejriwal government’s eye on disturbers

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The (AAP) government of the Aam Aadmi Party has made it clear that the tax thieves are no longer well. Tax will have to be paid honestly for the development of the city and the better future of the people of Delhi. Money is needed for the development of Delhi. Only if there is money, Delhi will develop faster. Indications for this have been given by Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Manish Sisodia.

It has been repeatedly raised that tax evasion is taking place on a large scale in Delhi. The system that the government wanted to prevent tax evasion was not able to stand till date. Sisodia’s slogan is that the true patriot honestly pays taxes, does not steal taxes. At the same time, the AAP government has already instructed the officials not to raid anyone without sufficient information. Do not raid to harass anyone. If seen, the raids have not stopped despite this, but it has definitely reduced. The government believes that there is still no complete tax collection. There is definitely something missing somewhere.

Disturbers will not be spared

Regarding corruption, the Delhi government has strict instructions that those who make a mess will not be spared. In the same sequence, last year, Sisodia transferred 25 inspectors of the tax department together on receipt of the complaint. But amidst all this, during this election, an officer was caught taking a bribe of two lakhs to settle the GST issue. Who made everyone’s ears stand up. Earlier last year, on the instructions of Sisodia, the Department of Trade and Tax had found 56 thousand such traders who did not meet various criteria due to complaints of disturbances.

GST fraud done for taking wrong benefits

Most of the cases related to GST fraud were done to take wrong advantage of input credit. Such people did not actually do business, rather they used to show the sale and purchase of goods only on paper. Now the government is more strict about this. On the very first day of joining the government, Finance Minister Sisodia called the officials of the tax department and held a meeting. He gave strict instructions to stop tax evasion and remove corruption from the department.

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