SFI protest against the imposition of 18% GST, performed on campus

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SFI has opposed the 18 percent GST decision over government education. Students have expressed their anger at the posters from their homes and demonstrations at the HPU. SFI Campus President Ravindra says that the state government also knows that all educational institutions are closed now. Due to the epidemic, all the students are also in their homes, so there is no scope for any protest by the students. 

Therefore, the government secretly wants to implement this decision. For the last two months, we have been demanding from the state government about the problems arising due to the Corona crisis that adequate security arrangements should be made for the safety of students and staff in educational institutions before the start of the new academic session. 

College will impose fees on girl students

SFI says that the college will impose fees on the students. There are still dozens of colleges in the state, which have not paid affiliation fees to HPU. Already, many colleges have talked about not having the budget for not giving affiliation fees, but now that the new order has decided to collect GST along with the fees, it can increase the problems of government colleges.

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