No. Title
Rule-01 Short title, extent and commencement
Rule-02 Definitions
Rule-03 Appointment of officers
Rule-04 Registration
Rule-04A Taxable service to be provided or credit to be distributed on invoice, bill or challan
Rule-04B Issue of Consignment Note
Rule-05 Records
Rule-05A Access to a registered premises
Rule-05B Date for determination of rate
Rule-06 Payment of Service Tax
Rule-06A Export of Services
Rule-07 Returns
Rule-07A Returns in case of taxable service provided by goods transport operators and clearing and forwarding agents:
Rule-07B Revision of Return
Rule-07C Amount to be paid for delay in furnishing the prescribed return
Rule-08 Form of appeals to Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals)
Rule-09 Form of appeals to Appellate Tribunal
Rule-10 Procedure and facilities for large taxpayer.- Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the following shall apply to a large taxpayer