Service Tax Return and Excise Return can’t be filed without GST enrolment

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The Central Board of Excise and Customs has directed that all registered Central Excise or Service Tax Assessee to first enrol on the GST portal before filing their respective tax return. It is to be noted that Provisional ID and Password for GST enrolment is made available in ACES Portal.

In case the assessee have enrolled on the GST portal, the assessee are required to provide the Username (as registered on the portal and proceed to file their tax return.

Further, it is provided that in case the assessee don’t want to migrate to GST, they are required to confirm so by clicking “Not Migrating to GST“ and continue to file return. Thereafter, Provisional ID and Password available in the ACES portal would be cancelled and this may deny the assessee credit migration to the GST regime.