Post IT System Streamlining, E-way Bill will Be Implemented

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The government will finalize the date of implementation of the e-way bill system only after the IT system has been revamped. In fact, the e-way bill system was to come in force on February 1, the day before the implementation of the system the government had to avoid it.

The website and server of e-way bill could not cooperate with the number of bill generated, which forced the government to shut it. Ministry of Finance has asked GSTN to seek a report on the e-system of the bill in terms of IT system.

Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia has said that now the government will finalize the date of implementation of the e-way bill after the IT system has been repaired. The e-bill of GST Tax System was implemented from February 1, but due to technical shortcomings the permit was not able to generate.

Due to this e-bill had to be avoided. Adhia said that he has asked GSTN Chairman A B Pandey to make this assessment of why there was a problem in generating e-way bills and how much time would it take to fix it.

The National Informative Center (NIC), the portal of e-way bill, has been created and GSTN will look at its implementation. Adhia said that e-way bill will play a big role to prevent tax evasion. In such a situation, the government will not take it back. E-way bill will be re-implemented when its system is ready.

Adhia said that the system is not able to take so much load. The server does not respond when it loads more. Therefore, the first GSTN will have to improve the system so that such problems do not occur again. Significantly, the e-way bill system was run on the basis of 15-day trial run. In the trial run, 2 Lakh e-bills were made daily in 34 states.

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