Penalty for late filing of Bill of Entry from 01.02.2021 (20:00 hrs.) to 03.02.2021 waived due to non-functioning of ICEGATE

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The Principal Commissioner of Customs ICD, Tughlakabad (import) issued Public Notice No. 10/2021 dated February 05, 2021 for general waiver of Penalty for late filing of Bill of Entry due to Non- functioning of ICEGATE from 01.02.2021 (20:00 hours) to 03.02. 2021 (20:00 hrs).

Attention of all Importers/Exporters, Custom Brokers, and other members of trade invited to instances of late filing of Bill of Entry due to non functioning of ICEGATE System from 01.02.2021(20:00 hours) to 03.02.2021(20:00 hours).

The ICEGATE System was non-functional during the above period and the trade faced difficulty in filing the Bills of Entry within the time stipulated under Section 46 of the Customs Act, 1962 and Regulation 4 (1) of the Bill of Entry (Forms) Regulations, 2018.

As a measure of trade facilitation, it has been decided that for the consignments where IGM was filed between 31.01.2021(20:00 hours) to 03.02.2021(20:00 hours) and Bill of Entry is filed on 04.02.2021. there will be no charge on late presentation of Bill of Entry. In all such cases, waiver of late filing charges pertaining to the above said period would be dealt by the respective Deputy/Asstt. Commissioner of the concerned Group directly.

In case of any further delay in generation of Bill of Entry after 04.02.2021, the Customs Brokers or the Importers are requested to submit evidence like Job No. Screen Shots of the Job No. from ICEGATE/ Message received in ICEGATE, to show that efforts were made for submitting a job in ICEGATE for filing Bill of Entry but no positive acknowledgment was received from ICES. All such cases of waiver of late filing charges pertaining to a Bill of

Entry filed after 04.02.2021 for entry inwards date 03.02.2021 would be dealt by the respective JC/ADC on merits

Difficulties faced if any may be brought to the notice of the undersigned at the earliest.

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