Pay 18% GST too for Chandigarh Housing Board violations

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Illegal constructions in Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) flats will cost violators dear. The board has decided not only to recover demolition cost but also include 18% GST on the recovery cost. In August, the CHB started issuing recovery notices after razing illegal structures in the city. But now, the CHB has also included 18% GST on the recovery notices being issued to violators. In the first phase, the board had issued notices to 13 allottees of Sector 45, whose illegal structures were demolished on August 7. An expenditure of Rs 54,626 was incurred by the CHB on razing these 13 structures and recovery notices of Rs 4,202 each was issued to the violators.

The GST was also included in the notices. Recently, similar notices along with GST were issued to violators in Sector 40 as well. The expenditure includes cost of workers, material and machinery used by the board during the demolition exercise. A senior CHB official said the violators were given 15 days to pay recovery charges after which the board would cancel the allotment of their flats. Similar notices would also be issued to other violators in the coming days, he said. Till date, the enforcement wing of the CHB has demolished over 200 illegal constructions in the city. The teams on regular basis identify fresh illegal construction cases in the city.

The staff had even issued on the spot challans to violators. According to the procedure decided by the CHB, in case the allottee does not stop the illegal constructions, the same will be demolished the very next day. However, if the illegal constructions are stopped, the allottee will be given three days to remove the violations. After the stipulated time period, the CHB officials will conduct a fresh inspection and in case of non-removal of the violations, a demolition programme, at the risk and cost of the allottee, will be scheduled to raze such structures.

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