No RFID tag on November 1 stopping entry of trucks in district

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After November 1, the trucks which have not been tagged with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, those vehicles will not be allowed to enter the district. When merging the goods, its mapping with the e-bill will also be mandatory. RFID Reader has been placed on the tower in three locations for checking on Delhi Border. As soon as the truck enters Ghaziabad from the border, the reader will check it. During this time, entering the truck district will be examined whether the e-bill is cut or not. 

Action will be taken as per the discrepancy, but the trucks which do not have an RFID tag will be restricted. Additional Commissioner of Commerce, U.S. Dubey points out that Vijaynagar, on Delhi Border, In Mohan Nagar and Loni, the RFID reader tower has been installed and it has been turned on. It is being installed on more and more trains i.e. transporter and personal vehicles. It has been mandatory since November 1. Those e-bills that are downloading, they have to move on with this applying. 

If not, entry will be restricted and penalties will be taken. Tagged on 800 trucks Officers said that so far more than 800 trucks have been tagged with RFID tag. Officers are constantly making people aware of Dasna Toll, Hapur Road, Bulandshahr, RTO Office, Loha Mandi, Mohan Nagar. Officials say that the price tag is 100 rupees. Once it is placed on the screen it will not even come out. The problem will come only after breaking the lead and this system will run throughout the country. There will be no need to change. 

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