Mandatory RFID for movement of goods in Uttar Pradesh from today i.e. Nov 1, 2018

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The Commissioner of State Tax of Commercial Tax Department, Uttar Pradesh vide Notification No.- E-way bill-R.F.I.D./sachaldal/2018-19/commercial tax has mandated the use of RFID tag for movement of goods within the state of Uttar Pradesh. It has been mandated for all such transporters, who transport such goods for which, for which generation of e-way bill electronically is mandatory.

They need to get the said RFID tag, one tag costing Rs. 100 only, embedded on wind screen of the conveyance carrying such goods and get it mapped to the E-way bill system.

“The ultra high-frequency RFID system will be operational at 41 entry and exit points across UP from Thursday after we made successful trials,” commercial tax commissioner Kamini Ratan Chauhan said.

Some of the 41 entry and exit points with RFID system are located in Baghpat, Garhpur, Loni, Thakurdwar, Sunoli, Harinagar, Sanya, Murraha, Rupahdiya and Chaukhata, Barkala, Meharona, Barni and Kotwan.

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