Maharashtra Govt. introduced new Scheme for withdrawal of the assessment proceedings

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The Maharashtra Finance Department vide Notification No. VAT-1521/C.R. 1/Taxation-1, dated April 1, 2021, has issued the ‘Maharashtra Value Added Tax Criteria for Withdrawal (on the basis of probable revenue involved) of the Assessment Proceedings Scheme, 2021 (“Scheme”) in suppression of the Maharashtra Criteria for Withdrawal (on the basis of probable revenue earnings) of the cases for Assessment Scheme, 2018 (“earlier Scheme”), applicable to all pending proceedings i.e., proceedings in cases selected for the assessment purpose, to decide the criteria for withdrawal of the assessment proceedings based on threshold revenue earnings, below which assessment proceedings may be withdrawn and assessments to be completed that may remain after such withdrawal, in a time-bound manner, in a following manner:

  • The Commissioner may facilitate the identification of cases on the basis of criteria where assessment proceedings which may be withdrawn, constitute a Committee or assign the work to the Committee constituted under the earlier Scheme and is empowered to appoint the member of such Committee.
  • The Scheme shall not affect any assessment proceedings where the order of assessment is passed before the introduction of the Scheme or where the assessment proceedings is initiated as a result of investigation either before or after publication of the Scheme or is undertaken so as to give effect to the directions of any appellate authority including any Tribunal or Court.
  • The Scheme introduced the procedure for determining the probable revenue involved by the Commissioner, criteria for withdrawal of the pending assessment proceedings, empowerment of the Commissioner, abatement of the pending assessment proceedings when withdrawn and publishing of the order containing the list of the cases where the pending assessment proceedings are withdrawn by the Commissioner.

The Notification can be accessed at: