Kadapa Universities face GST burden

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The Universities in the state have proposed to have a meeting on the Goods and Service Tax (GST). Vice-chancellors of all the universities in the state held a meeting with the state higher education officials and the education minister expressed concern about GST on June 23. The vice-chancellor of Padmavathi Mahila University, Tirupati, raised the issue of GST imposed by the Central government turning into a big concern for them. The university is hiring a private building for their use. The GST, along with rent, becomes a huge amount to pay. Meanwhile, the V-Cs of other universities also expressed their concern on the issue.

The universities are paying crores of rupees in the form of GST. For transportation, hostel bills, outsourcing, medical aid, stationery, and other services, departmental projects, examinations expenditure, etc, GST is paid against bills.  The fees have also become higher from April 2017 when the GST was implemented. Before this, the tax was only 12 percent on fees but when the GST was implemented it became 18 percent. Only the Yogi Vemana University has been paying an estimated cost of Rs 71 lakhs as GST per annum. Minister heard all the issues raised by the vice-chancellors and will hold a special meeting on GST soon. The vice-chancellors advised them to write a letter to the Central government.

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