Haryana claims record collection of GST revenue despite adverse situation

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The Haryana government has claimed that despite adverse situations due of Covid-19, the state has registered a record in GST revenue collection.

Confirming this, deputy chief minister Dushyant Chautala, who also holds the portfolio of Excise and Taxation department, said that this year, due to Covid-19, the GST collection was lower initially, but later there was encouraging increase. He said that in the month of April last year, where there was a total GST collection of Rs 1,499.58 crore, only Rs 237 crore was received in April, 2020. After this, there was a GST collection of Rs 1,501 crore last year in May and Rs 891 crore was collected this year.

He informed that the GST collection started increasing, as a result of which, where in September last year, there was a GST collection of Rs 1,563 crore and this year in September there was a collection of Rs 1,583 crore. A total of Rs 1,543 crore was collected in the month of October last year, while a record GST of Rs 2,563 crore has been collected in October this year.

Giving quarter-wise information about the national collection figures of the GST, the deputy CM said that last year, while there was a GST collection of Rs 2,142 crore in the first-quarter last year, the GST collection of Rs 2,391 crore was made in the firstquarter this year. He said that last year GST collection of Rs 1,361 crore was made in the second-quarter, while this year in the second-quarter itself, GST collection of Rs 1,773 crore has been made. He said that this time both the quarters have registered a record increase in GST collection as compared to the previous year. 

Source from: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/haryana-claims-record-collection-of-gst-revenue-despite-adverse-situation/articleshow/79306877.cms