Guidelines for handling and storage of valuable goods that are seized/confiscated by the Department

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The Government of India has issued a Instruction No. 17/2018 – Customs dated October 15, 2018 for handling and storage of valuable goods that are seized or confiscated by the department. A Multi – Disciplinary Committee was constituted by the board and has made the following recommendations to the board for prevention of theft, replacement, pilferage of gold at various formations. The gist of the instruction are summarised below for the ease of understanding.

i. Implementing the recommendations of the Multi-Disciplinary Committee.

ii. Putting in place an ‘e-malkhana’ system on the lines of Delhi Airport Customs.

iii. Issuing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which may, inter alia, include the instructions and guidelines issued by the Board in the matter from time to time, the procedures laid out for implementation of the recommendations of the Multi-Disciplinary Committee, the procedures required to be followed for implementing ‘e-malkhana’ type of system, etc. While issuing SOPs, the existing SOPs and Standing Orders issued by other Customs formations may also be taken into account to include the best practices being followed elsewhere and to further strengthen and secure the internal systems and procedures.

iv. While implementing the aforesaid instructions, the formations may introduce additional measures / features to further strengthen their handling and storage systems and may also take into account specific factors that may have a bearing on their safety and security procedures.

The Instruction can be accessed at: Instruction No. 17/2018 – Customs