GSTN to add an additional layer of security to its network, Anand Pande, CISO, GSTN

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Considering the ever-evolving threat landscape, GSTN has felt the need to adopt an additional layer of security to its network. With a registered taxpayer base of 1.23 crores and total return filed amounting to Rs 34.05 crores as on 13th October 2019, GSTN plans to establish a Security Monitoring and Analytics Centre (SMAC). “This centre will be purely focusing on security analytics and threat hunting. It will provide us with a predictive and preventive mechanism to secure the GST system,” says Anand Pande, SVP & CISO, GSTN.

To be launched within this financial year, the GSTN team has been working on SMAC from the past two years and has tailored the security requirements to design it. The centre will focus on cyber threat management and analytics in alignment with multi-threat fields, DLP deception tool implementation, forensics and analytics. It will complement the existing SOC and assist GSTN in managing potential threats proactively and persistently. “The centre will give us visibility beyond our network, even with respect to any discussion happening in the deep dark web,” says Pande.

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