GSTN enables New Return Prototype and Offline Tools for New Return (Trial) on GST Portal

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GSTN enables “New Return Prototype” and “Offline Tools for New Return (Trial)” on GST Portal to familiarisation of stakeholders with tool’s functionalities and to get their feedback/suggestions to improve the tool further before its actual deployment. All taxpayers are welcome to use the trial version and share their feedback/suggestions as per process defined. At some places, you may find word “Beta” on GST portal and the intent is the same as “Trial version”.

New Return Offline Tool (Beta)

The New Return Offline Tool can be used to:

  1. Prepare ANX-1
  2. Take Action in ANX-2
  3. Match ANX-2 with Purchase register

in offline mode. To install the tool please download, extract the zip file and run the (GST New Return Offline Tool.exe) file.

Your downloaded (New Return Offline Tool) zip file contains:

  • New Return GST Offline tool (Application)
  • ANX-1 Excel Template
  • ANX-1 section wise CSV files
  • Purchase Register Excel Template
  • Readme
  • User Manual


  • Before you extract and run the downloaded file, ensure that the file is not corrupted.
  • Go through the Readme document before you begin installation.
  • Double-click on GST New Return Offline Tool to install the offline tool.

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