GST puts in extra Rs 320 a month in your pocket

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GST has not only made the entire tax structure simpler but has also added hundreds of rupees in monthly household savings. The Indian households are saving Rs 320 every month after the Goods and Services Tax came into existence, the Ministry of Finance said in an internal note. The government has also given the break-up on how the families have saved this money after buying cereals, edible oils, sugar, chocolates, namkeens and sweets, cosmetics and toiletries, washing powders, and other products.

The document shows a fall in the price of cereals by Rs 94; edible oils by Rs 15, sugar by Rs 6; chocolates by Rs 25; namkeen and sweets by Rs 13; cosmetics and toiletries by Rs 19; washing powders by Rs 11; tiles and other materials by Rs 43; furniture and coir products by Rs 24; and other miscellaneous household products by Rs 70 after the implementation of GST. 

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