GST network in local lingo: GSTN CEO

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GST Network will be in all languages present in Schedule 8 of the Constitution in two months a step that will make it easy for assesses in all states to upload returns and other documents with or without the help of a chartered accountant or advocates. Speaking to TOI, GSTN CEO Prakash Kumar said as of now the GSTN has asked all states to translate the details on the website. “At present, the GSTN is only in English and once the states send details in their local languages, it will be made available in those languages,” he said. The labels on the website will be in the local language. “We received demands for translating the details in all languages and based on that the website will is being re-jigged. The assesses can ask questions and receive replies in their language,” said Kumar.

“Initially we had problems as it was a new tax regime. But as of now more than 30 crore returns are uploaded and Rs 75,000 crore is being paid each time when the deadline for uploading returns end. On the last day of deadline, more than 25 lakh returns are being uploaded. We have a stabilised system compared to what we had when we started. But as in any website, if everyone uploads at the same time, there will be problems,” he said. Terming the GSTN as safe from hackers, he said. The GSTN is also working on a new type of return to make it easy for traders and businessmen to use the network. “By April 1 next year, a new type of return will be in place and it will be easy for the assesses will find it easy. Already we have released the tools for the new returns for the assesses to practice on,” he said.

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