GST department recovers tax arrears worth Rs 2 crore in Unjha

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Department on May 3 revealed that they had, in their search operations on 37 traders and transporters over the last five days, raised demands and recovered a total of Rs 1.9012 crore from 14 entities. In 19 cases, demands were raised for GST, and recovery was made in all cases, said officials. Officials said that in eight cases, summons had been given to traders to appear before the GST in person, and in another five cases, searches had been dropped as no untoward evidence of GST evasion was found. In five other cases, recoveries had been made. A total of 10 computers and 14 phones had also been seized from various traders.

Experts were called in to get mirror images of deleted data on hard drives. This was retrieved and checked for documents of taxation, interstate trade and farmer purchases. After giving them time to respond to allegations, officials advised them on future demand of taxation from them. However, in some cases, GST expects that seizures could be made in the future. Major recoveries were made from two firms of Maharaja Spices (Rs 59.20 lakh), MP Commodities Pvt Ltd (Rs 32.06), Aryan Enterprise (Rs 31.36), two firms of Veer Traders (Rs 23.7 lakh), and Govind Ishwarlal Patel (Rs 17.75 lakh). Eight other firms paid a total of Rs 27.93 lakh.

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