GST Bill to be passed in monsoon session, says Santosh Gangwar new MoS Finance

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Newly appointed junior ministers in the finance ministry expressed hope that the constitution amendment Bill on the goods and services tax (GST) will be passed in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament and they will look at ways to accelerate economic growth, currently pegged at 7-7.75% for 2016-17.

“The entire world is looking at how India is going to act. I feel that GST will certainly be passed by Paliament in the monsoon session,” Santosh Gangwar told reporters after he taking charge as the minister of  state for finance.

Other minister of state for finance Arjun Meghwal said: ” We will try to keep the current pace of growth going and will take it higher. We will look at ways to further the economic growth.”

The Narendra Modi government now has two ministers of state for finance as was the case in the UPA government. Then S S Palanimanickam and Namo Narain Meena were the ministers of state. However, the former quit in 2012 when DMK pulled out of the UPA government.

Meghwal, who comes on bicycle to Parliament, came in a car with Gangwar to North Block. It is not clear whether he will come by his usual mode  of transport  in North Block from tomorrow.

When asked about Congress opposition to GST, Gangwar said that no party openly opposes GST outside Parliament. “All parties are in favour of GST but they put some hurdle or other and put spanner in the growth path. I think all parties have to get GST Bill passed in the monsoon session,” he said.

He said the whole world is following India’s growth story. “I feel that our country would make a mark in the world.”

Meghwal said his endeavour would be to stenghten the economy. “I will try my best.”

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