Government tightens import norms for certain chemicals and plastics

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India on Tuesday tightened the import norms for certain chemicals and plastics mandating their importers to submit the bill of entry to the ministry of environment, forests and climate change for some items and prohibited the imports of those which contain HCFC, an ozone-depleting chemical. These chemicals are used in cleaning agents, fire extinguishers and refrigerants and China is the largest exporter of these goods to India.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) inserted a new policy condition for various chemicals including organic chemicals. “The importers shall, for each import consignment, submit a copy of the bill of entry within 30 days to the Ozone Cell,” DGFT said in a notification.

For dicholoroflouroethanes, it said the import of HCFC-141b- a chemical used by foam manufacturing enterprises and one of the most potent ozone depleting chemical after Chlorofluorocarbons- is prohibited except for feedstock applications. HCFC-141b is not produced in the country and all the domestic requirements are met through imports. India had phased out HCFC-141 b by January 1, 2020 wherein it said the issuance of import license for the chemical is prohibited under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

DGFT also prohibited the import of other polyesters and pre-blended polyols that are used by the foam industry.

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