Further extension of last date of filling DVAT return

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Further extension of last date of filling Delhi VAT return for First quarter of 2017-18 in Form DVAT-16, DVAT-17 and DVAT-48 upto September 01, 2017

The Commissioner, Value Added Tax, vide Circular No. 13 of 2017-18 dated August 17, 2017 has further extended the last date of filling online/ hard copy of return for First quarter for the year 2017-18, in Form DVAT-16 (Delhi Value Added Tax return), DVAT-17 (Composition tax return) and DVAT-48 (Form of quarterly return by the Contractee) along with required annexures/enclosures upto September 01, 2017.

However, the tax due shall continue to be paid in the usual manner as per provisions of section 3(4) of the Delhi Value Added Tax Act, 2004 and the dealers filling the return through digital signature need not to file the hard copy of the return/Form DVAT-56.

Read more at: http://dvatonline.gov.in/Docs/Circulars/1918783.pdf