Filing of GST R9 & 9C to cause double taxation

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Telangana Tax Practitioners Association has demanded that the state and the central governments cancel the filing of GST annual returns using GST R9 and 9C forms. The association president Nagesh Rangi was speaking to media here at the association office on Sunday. Nagesh said that businesses would lose out due to returns filed using the forms GST-R9 and 9C as it may lead to double taxation. He appealed to the governments to call for a meeting with tax advisors in this regard to find a solution to the issue. It is not possible to file annual returns through R9 and 9c without amending the forms, he said.

Filing annual returns using only GST 2A and GST 3B would not be possible, as businessmen will be forced to pay the taxes that they have already paid. This would result in huge losses to consumers as well as businesses, he said. Nagesh urged the state and central governments to intervene in this matter and amend the forms R9 and 9C forms and extend the last date for filing returns to December 31. Association secretary R Vittal, treasurer D Vasanth Kumar Reddy, and others participated in the press conference.

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